Cowl Seals, Vent Seals & Flaps

Vent seals and flaps – Air vents that are seen from the automobile cabin are typically fed cold and hot air via blow molded air ductwork. The blow molded ducts never have a perfect air seal with the rear side of the actual air vent. To prevent air loss behind the vent, Derby can provide die cut low air permeable foam gaskets that are commonly used to insure a good seal. There are also vents that allow air to escape from the cabin. These vents are intended to be an air escape only and cannot allow air in the reverse direction. Derby produces dozens of custom design shaped rubber flaps that are mounted to the vent and have a natural hinge that allows the flap to open in the exit direction only.

Automotive engines require cowl seals to keep noise, dust, water, etc., from entering the cabin space. These seals can be made from molded or extruded materials, or less expensively from die cut materials. Derby has the ability to die cut a very wide variety of materials depending on the specific needs of an application. We currently provide cowl seals on several vehicle platforms.

Gaskets can be found in a variety of automotive applications. The gaskets Derby typically produces is not engine gaskets, but gaskets that act as air seals, dust seals, water seals, and more. We have alliances with material manufactures that provide us nearly unlimited resources required to fulfill engineering needs in these types of applications. Our gaskets can be found in vehicles produced by nearly every automotive OEM. Please contact us for additional information.