Spoiler & Body Side Molding Tapes

Spoiler and trim tapes are commonly used to attach body side moldings and spoilers. Derby specializes in die cutting complex shapes to fit the moldings and spoilers, yet not be seen by the consumer. In most applications, the tapes are used as an assembly aid and/or as a water seal to prevent water from reaching holes in the mounting surface. There are applications, however, where the tape alone is the complete mounting system (i.e. no screws or pins necessary).

Protective masking is frequently used to temporarily cover and protect sensitive surfaces. It can be used to protect parts until they arrive at the OEM, dealer or consumer. Derby can provide a variety of masking products with adhesives to stick to most any surface. We can provide die cut parts, sheets, or rolls with or without perforations. Please contact us for additional information on our line of protective masking products.